Moving a Specialist into your Moving Plan

by Aaron Wilson

It’s a project that involves a move, and the direction is up. Thus, the business name “project move UP” connotes a positive experience for relocation or streamlining current space. Its founder and president, Lesa Wynn, is a moving and organization specialist who can facilitate everything one needs for a comfortable move.
As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, Lesa is especially drawn to helping seniors with sorting, packing, donating, recycling, moving and setting up in a different living space or reorganized home. “In some cases where a widow or widower needs to move to a smaller place,” she explains, “we acknowledge the grief and sorrow at the outset, then focus on making it a positive adventure.” One of the most rewarding parts of working with seniors for her is the stories. “Their experiences, their knowledge, their wisdom ~ it all nurtures my soul as we move through the process. Everyone has stories to tell, and they warm my heart.” What begins as a business commitment often concludes with an ongoing friendship.
For Irene Jacobs, project move UP was a valuable component in moving from her 5,000-square-foot mountain home to an in-town townhouse. “With my own kids and grandchildren out of state and limited mobility, project move UP was precisely what I needed,” she relates. “Lesa not only packed, unpacked and put away everything I moved, but also set up my computer, arranged for movers and getting furniture and things to charity or Upscale Attic. She lined up a contractor for a bathroom remodel. Once settled, I called on her to remove and replace all my screens when the townhouse association had the buildings power-washed.”
Drawing from real life and hands-on involvement in managing people and projects in a corporate environment across a couple decades, Lesa developed her vision for a company which brings specialists into the picture at every step along the way. “Home and office transitions can be stressful, even when the purpose promises a better and more appropriate end result,” she states. “When someone asks me to name one thing which can simplify the process, I say use a specialist. Tasks which take days and create undue stress can often be done by professionals in half the time or less.”
Lesa has cultivated excellent relationships with many specialists in the New River Valley who complement her skills. She often brings in Natalie of Upscale Attic, Brian at Clinton’s Moving and Storage and Larry at Linkous Auctioneers.
As an affiliate with the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, Lesa is often the moving and organizing professional needed to coordinate a move — from office chairs and coffee stations to computer and IT equipment and everything else. She develops a comprehensive, achievable plan based on her expert evaluation of office circumstances, objectives and timing with as little disruption to business activities as possible.
Lesa participates in the partnership program with the New River Valley Association of REALTORS for connections to myriad families and individuals moving to or away from the New River Valley. She can craft a timely plan of action for handling home furnishings, packing and managing loading up, offloading and functional and aesthetic placement in the home.
You can save yourself tons of work, stress, phone calls, e-mails and all the cumbersome details that go into moving with project move UP. Despite the situation, moving can be an “up” experience and proceed smoothly from beginning to end.
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