• Powell’s exact words may not have rung loudly in Carol Ann Lawrence’s ears, but she knew them in her heart. And, it was Walt Disney who quipped: If you can dream it, you can do it. Disney has Mickey Mouse and his pals to prove his point, and Lawrence has her newly printed bachelor’s degree […]

  • Animal rescue has always been a part of Jim and Kathy Chadwick’s long relationship. Over the years, they have rescued many cats, dogs, birds and even horses. “If they’re sick or broken and come into our life, or we come upon them, we feel it’s meant for us to nurse them back to health and […]

  • Three years before George Washington was inaugurated as the first U.S. President, John Black started building his log house, affectionately known in the day as a 4-room crib. The structure is classic for the period at about 20 feet by 40 feet with a central front door and staircase and two large rooms on either […]

  • The Mama Movement

    1 month ago
    The Mama Movement

    In October 2014, a group of inspired moms led by musician and budding social media entrepreneur Marci Craig circled around a table at Blacksburg’s Next Door Bake Shop. With coffee mugs in hands and big dreams in their heads, they talked about starting a ‘grassroots passion project’ that would initially build a community of business-savvy […]

  • David Hall’s 1966 Ford Econoline Supervan has been many things: a paint van, a dollhouse, a way to get to the beach for vacation, a motorcycle hauler. It has been in the Hall family since it was new, but it didn’t become David’s as soon as he would have liked. When Hall’s Uncle Ray, the […]