• The Magical Guy

    1 month ago
    The Magical Guy

    Imagine a hobby that can teach you to read, and years later, pay your way through college and law school. Magical thinking? No, just ask Bobby Lilly, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Giles County and also, magician extraordinaire. “It started with kindergarten Show & Tell,” he says. “I purchased a magic set with money I got for […]

  • The once formal dining room in the Pruden family home in Blacksburg has been completely transformed, except for the chandelier and antique wood table, into Howling Dragon Studios. The only thing showing on the antique table is thick, elaborate, oak wood legs. The table top is completely covered for working space with scissors and sewing […]

  • As a football game unfolds, the fans watch the snap, the run, the pass, the handoff, the play execution as team members in different positions move every which way. Someone simply cannot watch every player every second. But when the place kicker or punter steps onto the field, all eyes are trained on him. He […]

  • Ask Peggy White, executive director of the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce, what her operating principle is for that organization and she answers: “Muddy Boots on the Ground.” Sometimes this is literal, as when she dons boots to visit a chamber member whose business is dairy farming, then back into pumps for the Board of […]

  • How fortunate we are in Southwest Virginia to boast a well-rounded calendar year. We mark winter for snowfall (seemingly less these days, but still a treat), and spring for flowers, rushing creeks and the tease of consistently warmer days. Summer comes with gardening and splashing in our refreshing lakes and rivers (though perhaps we would […]