• The year was 1892. The place was a stony bean field (or was it wheat?) at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, a swath of land that would become the Drillfield. The people were Techmen, outfitted in the school’s original “prison-like” colors, black and cadet grey. These men were the college’s first football squad, to use […]

  • Opening the Oyster

    1 month ago
    Opening the Oyster

    Pearl is the item associated with a 30th anniversary, and that is exactly what the Interfaith Food Pantry is to Blacksburg with its three decades of quiet service. “For 30 years the Pantry has been fortunate to provide food to the community without interruption,” says director Vern Simpson. In 1987, four local residents from different […]

  • Heritage Park

    1 month ago
    Heritage Park

    Folks of a certain age remember a time when the main job of children was to go outside and play. A combination of increased fear, “plugged-in” play, school reform that doesn’t allow for direct outdoor experience and overscheduled family agendas mean that today’s children are playing outside less. Nature play stimulates all of the senses […]

  • Goat Yoga

    1 month ago
    Goat Yoga

    Having baby goats in a yoga session raises the bar on the fun and frolic and brings out new people who may not otherwise approach the yoga scene. “We saw goat yoga events in other parts of the country,” states Kacy McAllister, one of the yoga instructors with Blacksburg Yoga Collective and the box office […]

  • “Ring that chord,” encourages Wilderness Road Chorus director Lavelva Stevens. When the women of this barbershop-style chorus sing the notes just right, an overtone moves through the room, and the audience hears a “ringing.” It is high praise when Stevens tells the singers that the chord is “ringing.” That means they are succeeding at performing […]