• Mulled Wine

    1 month ago
    Mulled Wine

    1 large orange 6 whole cloves 6 whole black peppercorns 1 bottle (3 cups) fruity red wine 2 cardamom pods 6 allspice berries 1 cinnamon stick (+ 4 for garnish) 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup fresh cranberries (for garnish) Grate zest with fine grater, then juice the orange. With flat side of knife, press on […]

  • In a home in the hills outside Blacksburg, Christmas decorations are tastefully displayed, traditions have been handed down and created anew, and the holiday spirit fills every space. This classy, contemporary family house blends rustic elements with modern living for a sophisticated country lifestyle. Chris and Mary Kate Gaines revel in the joy of family […]

  • It’s a Wrap

    1 month ago
    It’s a Wrap

    Hiding the surprise is a big part of gift giving and has been for years – even centuries. The use of wrapping paper is first documented in ancient China, where paper was invented in second century B.C. In the American Midwest, the innovations of brothers Rollie Hall and Joyce Clyde Hall, founders of Hallmark Cards, […]

  • So imagine as a college student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art, you drop into a bar for a beer one afternoon after painting away part of the day with friends at Brandywine Battlefield. It’s not a fancy place, kind of dimly lit with a horseshoe bar on a concrete floor. A man and some […]

  • From sweeping the floor and cleaning the sink to learning the muscles in the upper body and a sprinkle of chemistry and mastering people skills, the cosmetologist’s job is comprehensive in science, style and sanitation before picking up those ultra sharp scissors. When you think of a hair stylist or manicurist or nail technician, you […]