• Hani Naji spends most all his mornings into the afternoon drawing at Mill Mt. Coffee & Tea in Blacksburg. His seat of preference is a far back corner wood bar stool at the left-side tip of the U-shaped counter. His drink of preference is coffee with a splash of milk, and he brings own coffee […]

  • “Geared Up”

    1 week ago
    “Geared Up”

    Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re back in grade school, and it’s the day of the big game, and you show up to the field without your mouth guard? Or you forgot your cleats? Or worse, you’re wearing the wrong color jersey! If only there had been someone (besides Mom, of course) looking […]

  • There’s an old joke that says watching soccer is like watching grass grow, except with soccer players in the way. The real joke is the absurdity of that statement because soccer – known as football everywhere outside the United States – is hands-down the most popular sport in the world. In fact, Billy Beane, former […]

  • Local Celebrities

    1 week ago
    Local Celebrities

    For years we’ve hung around sidelines, hoping to get a picture, a high-five, or even a signed ball from the star of the game. Afterward, we might head downtown to rehash the story over libations at the go-to college bar. Collegiate sports heroes have been dinner-table topics since their immortalization looked more like a black-and-white […]

  • In the late spring of 1982, The Holiness Tabernacle Church, on a whisker under half an acre in Blacksburg, sold for $500. It is uncertain from there when it was transformed from a small house of worship to a small house of living. “It had 11 different types of flooring when I purchased it in […]