• The scene is iconic. Maybe even reminiscent of a favorite Looney Tunes cartoon. A red and white checkered blanket weighted down by a basket of food and noshing friends. In the foreground a parade of workaholic insects march away loaves of bread, triangles of cheese and perhaps a condiment or two on their backs. After […]

  • NRV Mushroom Club

    2 months ago
    NRV Mushroom Club

    Even though she’s heard it before hundreds of times, Rebecca Rader, president of the New River Valley Mushroom Club, does NOT roll her eyes when a newbie tells her: “I want to join because I’m a fungi.” She takes it in stride because, “…(those jokes) just reflect that a new person has been turned on […]

  • If Truman Capone’s life were a 3-act play, Act One would open in an elementary school in Pittsburgh. His artistic talent was recognized at a young age when he won contests for kids like drawing a poster for the humane society or a mural at school. “I don’t remember a time in my entire life […]

  • Gardening is intimidating. Most folks enjoy the bounty of fresh produce a garden yields, but shy away from the labor, the unknowns, the time or the space that a garden requires. Cayden Cash, the operations manager at Harmony Organics in Blacksburg offers: “Going through the trials of gardening can be tough sometimes, but it provides […]

  • This 1971 Buick GS convertible named “Baby” is owned by Jessica Midkiff, native of Giles County, and Gudfridur (Frida) Sigursteinsdottir, native of Iceland. The vehicle is largely cared for by Jessica’s husband, Rupert Cox, owner of Pil Seung Taekwondo and algebra teacher at Blacksburg Middle School. Baby is a living testament of the life of […]