• When Chelsea Hartman of Christiansburg was 8 years old, she was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome and told she would need a kidney transplant in her 20s. It is news no one wants to receive but kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organs worldwide followed by the liver and the heart. The first transplant can be […]

  • Chances are very high these days that when you go to see a doctor, you see a physician assistant or PA instead. These healthcare specialists have a unique role in the medical field for being on the front lines with initial consultation, diagnostics, tests, minor procedures, treatment plans and prescriptions. Each one is a nationally-certified […]

  • (Fur) Baby-sitting

    1 month ago
    (Fur) Baby-sitting

    When a lady requests that her dog be read to, and the kennel complies, you know it is a new era in dog boarding. Heartstrings Pet Lodging and Spa co-owner Rick Argabright remembers this request because it was an outlier, but he says that things have definitely changed in the 11 years he has operated […]

  • July 20 marks 50 years since the moon landing, but Bob Schoner is getting kids excited about the first footsteps on Mars. “It’s gonna happen,” Schoner says with confidence. “Somebody, maybe the next internet billionaire, will walk on Mars in your lifetime.” The kids’ eyes light up as they begin to realize the future is […]

  • Fiber artist Fran Stafford of Newport has called herself many things in her career – spinner, knitter, crocheter, but the Livestock Conservancy would subsume all of those under one title, Sheep Employment Specialist. In a world where the Agricultural Industrial Complex has bred out taste in plants, in favor of ship-ability and shelf life, and […]