• Relaxed Lake Living

    1 month ago
    Relaxed Lake Living

    “Our idea of lake living is relaxed, not formal,” states Greg Rooker. “So the house had to have an open, airy feel to it along with lots of windows to take advantage of the 3 1/2-mile view of the lake and mountains.” Rooker shared his dream of building a house on this point on Claytor […]

  • It’s sometime in the early 20th century, and a Norfolk & Western locomotive is chugging along the “Cripple Creek Extension” through southwest Virginia carrying iron ore to a main line water stop called Martin’s Station (now Pulaski). The view out the window is of the rippling northbound New River, a scene the passengers on trains […]

  • Following the Sun

    1 month ago
    Following the Sun

    Our lives literally revolve around the sun. Regardless of how we may try to fight the morning light with blackout curtains and eye masks, or how we attempt to silence the birds with ear plugs and loud fans, our bodies desperately want to wake up and wind down with the sun. In the ongoing fight […]

  • Staying in a job for 10 years must mean there is an affinity between employee and position, which is certainly the case with Laureen Blakemore. She has been the director of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. (DBI), since 2008, and in a full-time capacity since 2015. DBI is the association of merchants, property owners and downtown advocates […]

  • When John and Elena Leshyn moved into their Blacksburg house in 2001, John was intrigued by some vacant space on the other side of a 6-inch thick, concrete, basement wall. There was a rectangular, horizontal window up high, and he could climb a ladder and look. It was open in there under part of the […]