• It’s his 32nd season coaching Virginia Tech football, and Bud Foster says there is only one thing missing from his storybook career: A “three-finger” national championship ring. “I want that gaudy piece of jewelry after everything we built here. I’ve wanted that for a long time.” In fact, he wanted it for Frank [Beamer], his […]

  • Pil Seung Tae Kwon Do

    2 months ago
    Pil Seung Tae Kwon Do

      Text by Joanne M. Anderson Photos by Kristie Lea Photography He’s a farmer, a friend, a teacher, a dad, entrepreneur, husband, son and more. For Rupert Cox, the lines blur between his jobs and responsibilities. He takes martial arts and agricultural angles into the school classroom, and brings math into farming, problem solving into […]

  • Text by Karl H. Kazaks  |  Photos by Tom Wallace In Pulaski, faraway times are not forgotten at the Raymond F. Ratcliffe Transportation Museum. The museum’s artifacts are small and large – ranging in size from a curio in a cabinet to a train diorama encompassing more than 2,000 square feet – and they all […]

  • Pop-culturally, harp music tends to cue up an upcoming dream sequence. The lights soften, the visuals swirl, and we’re transported to fantasyland. When Kirsti Kaldro of Bridge Kaldro Music in Christiansburg first encountered a harp, it was, actually, pretty dreamy. “While I was waiting for my sister-in-law to meet with an instrument maker in Bedford, […]

  • Baby boomers have always been the pig in the python, refashioning the culture and environment around them. In the early ’60s, it was an increase in building elementary schools for them; in the ’70s, it was the uptick in college admissions. Now it’s adapting retirement homes to their tastes and passions, especially in regards to […]