The newest addition to First and Main on S. Main St. is Blacksburg’s first splash pad on artificial turf in front of the Alumni Hall store and Residential Mortgage Services office. The opening date to turn on the water has not been set. “With the changing climate of COVID-19, we want to wait until it is appropriate to open this attraction as we have the safety of the community in mind,” states Pear-Aivey Street, director of marketing for First and Main. “When the time is right, you will all be invited to a grand opening splash. It has been designed and structured to offer water excitement to both children and adults.”
Until then, Street hopes patrons will visit First and Main to see the splash pad, socialize and enjoy the First and Main shops, eateries, entertainment and outdoor spaces. Once the water is turned on, interesting sequential fountains of fresh water and a misting pergola will provide soothing cooling on hot days. Anti-slip concrete and anti-slip carpet provide extra safety, and children will need adult supervision. “Hours, days and months the splash pad will be open is yet to be determined and adjusted with weather concerns and patronage,” Street adds. “We are staying flexible as things unfold and remain enthusiastic about adding new amenities at First and Main. The splash pad will be yet another reason to choose the center as an entertainment destination.”


By Krisha Chachra

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