Paint clouds, stars, new color
Stencil something
Add crown molding
Put up a wallpaper border
Replace ceiling light fixture
Add or update ceiling fan
Install canister lighting
Increase natural daylight with skylight
Attach real or fake beams
Hang a plant or a mobile


Paint a bold color accent wall
Add quotation stencil
Create family photo section
Install sconces
Hang a quilt
Put up a one side flat basket
Change out switch and cover plates
Hang a big clock, fancy mirror
Reframe pictures and arrange in odd numbers
Install new shelves
Wallpaper one wall
Put up fancy hooks for dried flowers or collectibles
Add a chair rail in any room
Paint paneling


Rent or contract professional carpet cleaning
Buy huge area rug remnant
Turn rugs on angles
Install new style flooring
Change mood with braided, contemporary, Southwest pattern
Paint or stencil a wood floor
Add a stair runner


Change curtains, valances, add grosgrain ribbon tiebacks
Install new brass latches and lifts
Buy cell shades
Up the game with remote control cell shades
Add a bird feeder outside on the glass
Replace old screening
Move A/C unit below window
Install a window box outside
Stencil or wallpaper around a window
Paint trim
Install interior window shutters
Toss drapes in dryer with damp facecloth


Replace knobs on dressers and desks
Paint wood dressers or chairs
Refinish or stencil a rocker
Add unusual antique pieces
Move couches on angles
Put nice glass or wood atop sewing machine, lobster crate, tree trunk piece
Arrange photos, ticket stubs, old greeting cards under glass on dresser
Decoupage a small table top
Update chair cushions


Install dimmer switches
Put 3-way bulbs next to all reading places
Spray paint a lamp
Buy fun new nightlights
Wind rope lights around porch railing
Change lampshades
Get a grow light and start plants indoors
Hook up a heat lamp and raise baby chicks


Move and/or cover throw pillows
New fireplace screen and tools
Add a footstool
Scatter small boxes on accent tables
Put plants in baskets, brass or
ceramic pots
Replace a shower head
Add artificial tree to fill a corner
Place moss on top of plants f
or soft look
Add closet organizing baskets and shelves
Press and frame leaves and flowers
Add little white lights over kitchen cabinets
Paint railings on stairs
Mat and frame a patterned piece of paper
Paint a brick fireplace new color
Gather and camouflage cords
Hang a plate(s)
Put fishing rods over doorways
Buy new lever door knobs
Change your doorbell chime
Install new faucet handles
Add a water filter to replace water bottle purchases
Wallpaper the backs of bookcases
Put small dresser inside coat closet
Paint the front door
Add barn sliding doors on bathroom


Paint, replace or stencil mailbox
Add large or new house numbers
Put up hooks for hanging plants
Install a hose holder on side of house
Buy or build a shed or playhouse
Place lattice around gas tanks and heat pumps
Make a new path with mulch or small rocks
Buy or build a small pond
Install solar lights for nightscape joy
Start a vertical garden on wood pallet
Pressure wash whatever needs it
Install a hammock
Put up pegboard for often-used tools
Hang a rope swing and board securely from a big tree

Bonus Idea #100: Install shelves for 99 bottles of beer on the wall!