Writer Karl Kazaks

by Aaron Wilson

Karl moved to the New River Valley in 1999 and got married two years later. Two of his three children are students at Floyd Elementary, and he is the sommelier at Primland. He has a history of bear encounters which caused him to give up his bee hive hobby and his wife to stop trying to keep a flock of chickens. But those bears do not deter Karl from making his home and raising the family in Floyd County. He just takes it in stride.

Karl is a personable kind of guy who enjoys connecting with people and finding out what makes them tick. When first approached to write the classic car feature for every issue, which is now NRV Rides so he can include boats, motorcycles, tractors and all, he was slightly hesitant for not having an in-depth knowledge of engines and mechanical intricacies. It turns out Karl’s features are one of the first ones many of our readers seek out in every issue. And like many writers, he’s learned a great deal with every vehicle, and he probably knows quite quickly what makes these people tick. It’s their car! Motorcycle! Airplane! Tractor! Boat! Whatever!

Willing to take on any feature assignment on any topic, Karl excels at every article from his virtual office on the far-flung eastern side of the New River Valley — dependable, smart and charming. We all even met him once, make that twice, over the past decade.

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