New River Valley Magazine is the flagship publication of Country Media, Inc., a contemporary, virtual, small business – locally-owned and staffed. All the writers, photographers and interns reside in the New River Valley, and several have contributed to national publications, written books and work as professional writers.

Country Media, Inc., also develops apps, writes, designs and publishes travel and corporate brochures and visitor’s guides and provides strategic marketing services like branding, press releases, marketing plans and promotional literature.

Phillip Vaught launched New River Valley Magazine in the fall of 2006. “The region needed a glossy, full color publication to showcase the people, places, arts, food, culture and activities. This is a vibrant area of Southwest Virginia that seamlessly blends the traditions of rural and small-town life with an international presence from the all over the world and myriad entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Joanne Anderson, managing editor, has been with New River Valley Magazine since early 2007. “It is an exciting place to be ~ both living in the New River Valley and being an integral part of a great publication. Our goal is to highlight amazing people and showcase interesting businesses, healthcare, arts and culture and lifestyle activities, which is easy around here. There is an incredible wealth of talent, natural beauty, youthful energy and engaging entertainment.”

Sabrina Sexton, account representative with decades in media sales, enjoys the person-to-person contact of being involved with the advertising side of New River Valley Magazine. “It’s a great magazine, and I love helping a business formulate an advertising strategy to meet their objectives and inform our readership of the wide variety of services and products being marketed locally.”

Karl Kazaks of Floyd has been a regular contributor from the beginning. A wine aficionado and father of three, Karl can write adeptly on any topic. In every issue, he profiles some unusual vehicle for the NRV Rides feature, from electric cars and vintage motorcycles to classic cars, airplanes, boats and bicycles.

Krisha Chachra of Blacksburg has also been writing for New River Valley Magazine from the beginning. She knows every place in the NRV, it seems, and her enthusiasm and commitment to the area is evident in her having been elected to Blacksburg’s Town Council. She currently serves as Vice Mayor and chooses to live in the NRV though she has traveled the world and shares global adventures in her column, “Clearing Customs.”

Other gifted, reliable, freelance writers and contributors include Jennifer Poff Cooper, Emily Alberts, Sheila Nelson, Kelli Scott, Rachael M. Garrity, Jordan Scott and Lesley Howard. Financial planners, teachers, professionals and college and high school interns also contribute.