Nathan Cooke was born and raised in the coal fields of West Virginia. He attended Concord College and West Virginia University with the dream of becoming a therapist, which he is, who helps children and families in the New River Valley. He realizes and embraces the importance of self care and personal reflection, so he has pursued photography to keep him grounded and focused on personal insights.
Nathan focuses most of his camera attention on landscape, events and portrait photographs, specializing in developing stories about the progression of life through a camera lens. He has explored several stories throughout the hills of West Virginia and Virginia with a keen eye on emotional connections within an image. With 20 years of therapy experience, Nathan capitalizes on connecting human feelings and emotions through a photograph. Quite often you will see him capturing scenes and moments in time walking around the streets of Blacksburg.
His photography instruction to individuals and small groups throughout the NRV is focused on assisting others with connecting their thoughts and feelings with images. Nathan believes that it is never the camera or equipment that gets the image. Its the emotions behind the image. He resides in Pearisburg with his wife Sally and their five children.
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