As busy working parents, Adam Harman and Nicole Haskins wanted their time with son Hudson, now 7, to be valuable and memorable. Spending time teaching fundamentals like tying his shoes, doing simple math and telling time on an analog clock motivated Nicole to figure out ways to have fun with an educational approach. Since Hudson carries the legacy of his mother’s reddish hair, “A Ginger Kid” was a natural for the name. “We brought to the website several innovative tools to have those exciting, learning moments,” Nicole explains. Targeted to children pre-K to second grade, the e-commerce website went live in August, and there’s a fund-raising arm as well. “Elementary schools can sell A Ginger Kid toys, a more healthy option to chocolate bars or cookies,” she relates. “The school keeps 30% of the revenue.” Their goal is to provide “toys that teach” so parents can promote learning in a fun way with their children.