Rarely do we say: “My house looks 10 years younger!” But year after year, we spend thousands of dollars on home maintenance just to keep our homes looking good and lasting long. Our bodies are no different. Though self-care may seem like just another passing trend, it is extremely important to pay attention to our bodies and take care of them. Our lives depend on it.
Jane Gilley and Joe Nazare, who own Inspire Med Spa in Blacksburg, are trying to take a more natural approach to body rejuvenation. “We’re here to make the aging process more bearable, so that people feel better on the inside which projects to the outside. We approach it from holistic point of view,” says Gilley. The spa offers hormone replacement therapy to treat weight loss. Many times, weight gain in older adults can be attributed to hormonal imbalances. As a user of the therapy herself, Gilley says she is amazed at how much better she feels.
Another approach to fighting stubborn fat is CoolSculpting offered at New River Aesthetics. This completely non-surgical procedure uses gentle vacuum pressure and cooling to treat fat below the skin, freezing and killing unwanted fat cells. The process is so relaxing that you can surf the web or watch a movie while it’s happening, and it’s over in an hour.
As women age, metabolism slows down for many reasons, hormones being one of them. Perimenopause starts around age 40, when progesterone levels gradually start to decline. Estrogen levels begin declining about 10 years later during menopause, and there are other hormones at play. A person with a stressful lifestyle may experience adrenal fatigue, which can cause changes in cortisol levels and lead to a decreased immune response and a lot of sick days.
Another option that can help the way one looks and feels is Platelet Rich Plasma, commonly known as PRP. “We take it from your blood and separate the platelets into rich and poor plasma with a centrifuge,” Gilley explains. “The rich plasma can be used for all kinds of rejuvenation – fillers for your face or topically with microneedling, leading to a 400% collagen boost. It’s even been shown to reverse hair loss by 24 percent.” Since it’s your own blood product, there is no adverse reaction or burning. On a pain scale, it’s maybe a 2 or a 3, without any numbing. This in-patient procedure requires zero recovery time and just protecting skin from the sun for a little while. Not only is this process more natural than a facelift, but also it’s less expensive. PRP microneedling is a process, and results aren’t immediate. It takes a couple of repeat visits to achieve major results, but then it’s only needed about once every three years.
Those just getting their feet wet might entrust those feet to Kim Mann at Allure Spa & Skin Health Boutique which has a new location in Blacksburg. Allure Spa offers everything from body scrubs to facials, a Golden Years Massage and Gentleman’s Hand Leg and Foot Massage. Mann says that whether her clients are coming in for a relaxing body scrub or seeking treatment for skin care, Allure Spa is a two-for-one. “We want our clients to be able to relax while being treated. From the moment someone walks in, the ambiance can lighten a mood. It’s a place to escape.”
New River Aesthetics also offers an Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial (IPL), which can improve brown spots, smooth out uneven texture and eliminate the appearance of capillaries. Contact Cooling Technology allows the patient to feel comfortable during treatment. IPL may be performed on the face, neck, chest and hands with little to no down time.
Regardless of how you feel about your face, let’s face it, surgery is scary. Knowing that there is a multitude of less painful options for your face, your body and your wallet makes everyone feel better already.


Text by Emily Kathleen Alberts