Moms sometimes get to do what they want on Mother’s Day, and Kim Mann’s idea of a great day in 2021 was driving around Blacksburg looking at houses.
“We went through several neighborhoods before parking in front of this beautiful house on Tall Oaks Drive,” she recalls. “My husband Matt and I sat in the car discussing what we liked about it when a man popped around the corner. He held up his hand with a hesitant but friendly wave. We got out to say hi and assure him we were just admiring the home. After talking 20 minutes, he graciously asked if we would like to see inside, the whole family, as two of our kids were with us.”
They all enjoyed walking through many rooms and learning what had been done to make the home so amazing. After thanking the man for his time and the tour, Matt commented on the way home to Peterstown, W.V.: “Now that’s a house I’d move to Blacksburg for.”
Fast forward a couple months, and the Mann family took up residence in the house they already loved.

The Journey to Blacksburg

Matt and Kim Mann were high school sweethearts. They both grew up in Peterstown, W.V., a small hamlet with a population below 750, just a few miles over the state line northeast of Narrows in Giles County. They have a lot of respect for their rural roots and values, but wanted to be part of a larger community to grow themselves and enjoy more activities in later years.
Matt is the founder, CEO and president of M-Rock Stone Manufacturing in Peterstown, and Kim moved her Allure Spa business from Giles County to Blacksburg in the spring of 2018. “I felt drawn to Blacksburg for a long time,” she states. “Once I came to work here almost every day, I started feeling connected to the community and knew I wanted our family to get involved. I heard great things about the schools and absolutely love the wellness-minded spirit.”

Life in the ‘Hood

The 6,798-square-foot house sits on approximately an acre with pastoral views behind it. “I love the backyard view,” Matt says. “The place has the right feel for our family, and it flows so easily on to the patio. The landscaping is beautiful with potential to add our own touch, as we both enjoy yardwork.”
Kim enjoys hearing stories from so many people who have been in the house – kids growing up and playing here and others who have been entertained as a guest of previous owners. “I smile as I drive to work and see kids walking and riding their bikes to school. Families walk dogs or enjoy one another along wide streets with pretty homes and beautifully landscaped yards. The neighborhood literally feels like a Hallmark movie neighborhood.”

Life at Home

While Matt loves the family space, interior flow and backyard view, Kim loves the entertainment angle, cozy feel throughout and proximity to schools. “At first, I wasn’t sure I’d like the walking path just 30 yards from our back patio,” she relates, “but it turns out, we enjoy sitting out back, and watching walkers and bicycles going by. We sit out with coffee in the mornings and a glass of wine by the firepit in the evenings. In summer, the field is full of cows, and playful calves entertain us some of the time.”
Homeowners always have projects, if just a list in their heads, and the Manns plan to paint the exterior at some point and likely incorporate some M-Rock. She’d like a few more modern light fixtures and hopes to paint some inside. “For now, we are comfortable and content with the house. It is elegant and comfortable,” Kim states. We are more out in the country in Blacksburg than we were back home in W.V., but with cool restaurants, great schools, VT and shopping within 10 minutes.”

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Text by Joanne M. Anderson
Photos by Tom Wallace