See & Do NRV

by Aaron Wilson

a simple guide to this “magazine season” which is:
March + April


Best wardrobe pieces: Jeans, khakis, waterproof hooded jacket, mudproof tall or short boots, skirts with tights, warm socks, hoodie sweatshirts, long-sleeve tee shirts, flannel or chamois shirts, all manner of layering options. Warm hat with pompom on top, mittens and winter scarf still nearby.

What to eat fresh: Rhubarb, strawberries, spinach, radishes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, cookies warm from the oven – any kind, any day.

Indoor essentials: Large soup mugs, seed starter trays, user manuals to review for trimmers, mowers and yard tools, jigsaw puzzle on dedicated table space, basket of decks of cards, umbrellas at the ready.

Places to go: Cox’s Driving Range to prepare for golf season, escape room experience, New River Junction in Draper to get legs ready for bicycle season, downtown Floyd for a day, movies – movies are always fun on the big screen with soft chairs and cup holders.
Unique ideas:

Browse the Virginia Cooperative Extension website for all kinds of free, useful farming, nutrition and household publications.
Walk around your yard and make a list of improvements and maintenance tasks. Contact Back to Nature to quote all of it, then choose what is most important for your outdoor lifestyle and budget and have it done for you.
As the days warm up, cruise over to First & Main for a meal, a beer, some hardware stuff, a movie, bowling, new outfit and shopping. It’s the kind of place you can stay all day and not run out of amusement.
If you did not knit anything over winter, you’ll have more indoor time weather-wise in March and April. New River Art & Fiber has everything you need including lessons. There’s a Year of Socks ahead, plus a vast selection of art supplies if you prefer a paint brush or colored pencil to knitting needles in your hands.
Historic Smithfield opens early in April with an Easter Egg Hunt and Springtime Party on the 8th and a stunning Easter Sunrise Service the following morning, no matter what the weather. The house and grounds are worth touring (even again) as they constantly add or discover new crafts, tools and period activities. The gift shop offers a very intriguing selection of games, china, jewelry, historical toys and merchandise not found elsewhere in the New River Valley.
Next Door Bake Shop is once again easily accessible with adjacent, messy, construction projects completed. It opened in 2010 and deserves our business just for persevering through a pandemic + construction. However, their vast selection of freshly made cookies, cupcakes, scones, soup, salad and drinks is well worth the stop, too.

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