We always knew 2020 would be an auspicious year – it’s a special number for eye doctors the world over. No one, however, knew how auspicious it would be, for what reason, and what the date would come to mean for everyone.
I opened this office in 1990 – August 1st to be exact, and in a few months, we’ll be celebrating 30 years!! In some ways it feels like yesterday, and in others, like forever. We’ve been planning a fundraiser kind of party to mark the milestone with the community and remain hopeful that something like that can happen.
Along with so much else that has changed this year, one more occasion is on the horizon. I am excited to announce that I am selling my practice to Dr. Mike Gowen. Dr. G and his wife, SallyAnn, met at Virginia Tech close to 40 years ago. They have been proud and loud Hokies ever since and dreamed of returning to live in Blacksburg. Both are strong supporters of the arts, athletics and the civic engagement that make this such a Special Place!
I couldn’t be happier to be handing the baton to a Dr. who believes as I do in community service, individualized patient care, personal and professional intellectual advancement, and enjoying the good things and people that every day brings.
Better yet, I’m not going anywhere! I will continue seeing patients, focusing on visual rehab for those suffering from concussions/TBI, working to control the progression and consequences of nearsightedness through orthokeratology and other treatments, and counseling all regarding the inter-relation of the eyes, brain and body, along with the importance of nutrition, exercise and mental well-being. There’s so much I yet want to learn and do, and now I won’t have to worry about arguing with insurance companies. I’m excited!

Dr. Steve Jacobs, Optometrist