Madison Miller

by Aaron Wilson

A.A. Milne’s famous poem, “Now We Are Six”, counts up the first five years and ends: “But now I am six, I’m clever as clever; So I think I’ll be six now forever and ever.” Six was a big year for Madison Miller. She took her first photo, with help from her photographer Dad, who also took her to a car show. “I fell in love with a car and asked what it was,” she recalls. Ford Mustang. She set her heart on two things that year: becoming a photographer and buying a Mustang. She saved all her money from birthdays, grandparents and Christmases, and when she saw a 1966 maroon Mustang on craigslist at Claytor Lake, Madison pleaded with her parents to see it. She paid cash, 3rd owner, 25,000 miles. She’s a bona fide member of New River Valley Classic Cruisers.
At age 14, she started her photography business, opened a Facebook business account and made business cards and a flyer. Madison graduates from Christiansburg High School in May where she has completed the cosmetology program, is a member of the National Honor Society and plays on the tennis team. She’s enrolling in New River Community College, then Radford University for a degree in photojournalism and minor in dance. She has been dancing since 12, and it’s likely she’ll dance right out of high school and into the college scene. For her, it’s just as likely that the sky is the limit.
“My boy friend, Luke, and I explore back roads and small town,” she says. “I always find something interesting and ask him to pull over, a shop, a photo op. My parents [Eddie and Kim] love that I always push to take pictures. If it wasn’t for my wonderful parents, I don’t know where I’d be today!”
Memories by Madison Photography Studio

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