Keeping A Decorated . . . Home While Raising Littles

by Aaron Wilson

Text by Astleigh Hill


Whether the holiday season is in full swing or it’s the transition from winter to spring, a home is a place to express personal style and taste with decorative touches. From a picture-frame-lined console table to accents arranged with purpose on shelves, most of these glass, sentimental, delicate, special pieces are in perfect reach of an adventurous, curious toddler or child. The temptation to remove it all and store it away until they are grown may seem like the only option, but with some useful tips and tricks, anyone can keep a home nicely decorated year-round.
The secret is keeping expectations reasonable, both for children and décor, and maintaining flexibility without compromising style. Setting boundaries and sticking to them enables one to create spaces where children thrive while enjoying the beauty of a curated creation.

T I P S + T R I C K S

? Implement boundaries in the home.

o Set rules and boundaries in your home for children, not only for safety, but also for enjoyment. With clear, communicated guidelines, kids can freely enjoy the home environment while being respectful and mindful of things around them. Make the breakable and/or valuable, whether sentimental or monetary, pieces off-limits or “no-touch.” This allows decorating a little more freely without feeling like every object must be out-of-reach-of-little-hands.
? Set items out that are decorative and okay for play.

o There is no need to taunt a child with only untouchable décor. Include pieces around the house that are play-friendly, items that a child is welcome to handle and return at the end of day before bedtime. For instance, during the fall season keep some plastic pumpkins out and about that are fun for imaginative play and add a little autumn flair to any room. Maybe it’s a plush, spring pillow in a basket that sits at child height or a pastel spring basket for storing toys. There are lots of ways to incorporate child-approved décor in subtle ways. Making decorative pieces available to a child so the little one can feel as much a part of the home design is rewarding for kids and parents.

? Make the play space part of the design.

o Oftentimes the toys run amok in a home, and it’s not always easy to camouflage those brightly-colored plastics. Look for ways to organize all the toys while complementing the style of your home. Options include using baskets that match the décor for storage; working bigger toys into the aesthetic of the room; using children’s’ books as accents on shelves or coffee tables, swapping them in and out based on seasons and holidays. Instead of fighting the toys, make them work for you.

So there it is! A family-friendly + styled home that is cozy and welcoming is certainly attainable. These are just a handful of the ways to maintain a decorated house year round with a little(s) running around. Seasonal, festive touches delight their little hearts while inspiring their own ways to express creativity.

Astleigh Hill is mom to one 2-year-old little with another one on the way. Her home almost always looks like a magazine cover as she changes themes with the seasons and holidays and invites her little one into the process. Her home and lifestyle blog is

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