Enter the Holidays through the Front Door

by Aaron Wilson

You know what they say, “when one door closes … go ahead and decorate it!” (They do say that, right?)
At the pinnacle of symbolism, a door is a passageway, a transition threshold, where visitors leave one place, both emotional and physical, for another place. A door’s purpose is a balance of both welcoming friends and deterring foes and is decidedly the first impression of any brick-and-mortar establishment. An entranceway gives a glimpse into the personality and style of the dweller within. Perhaps, if you haven’t already, it’s time to pay a little more attention to the style and design of the gateway to your soul. It’s quite the responsibility.
A red front door, for example, symbolizes passion and strength and historically means the home is a safe respite for travelers. Directly opposite on the color wheel, a green front door symbolizes peace, nature and growth (and perhaps even a smidgen of wealth and prosperity).
Giving your doorstep a little extra bling around the holidays is the perfect excuse to put your passions, and decorator prowess, on display.
Undoubtedly, a wreath is a front door staple during the festive season. It carries early associations with the pagan holiday of Yule that marks the winter solstice. Traditionally made of popular evergreens like pine, fir, holly and boxwood, with added details like red berries, poinsettia flowers, pinecones or ribbons, circular wreaths symbolize eternal life, the unending love of God and the promise of a spring to come.
Special lighting, baskets filled with seasonal accents, wrapped packages, evergreen garlands, colorful doormats, and even doorknob sleighbells are all ways to round out your entryway décor. Really, anything goes as long it brings you joy and accurately conveys the chosen message you are aiming to deliver to friends or foes alike.


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