Back to School with “Tears and Cheers”

by nrvmagaz

“Tears and Cheers” are common for moms when a child starts kindergarten ~ tears for the moment of separation from a little one who it seems was but a babe in arms yesterday; cheers for the new adventure which will begin developing independence and life skills. No more a toddler, the youngster bravely forges ahead on to a big, yellow bus and then settles into a small-sized desk in an all-new school environment.

Since David and Edith-Anne Duncan’s twins experienced this rite of passage in 2008 [entering kindergarten], Edith-Anne has held an annual “Tears and Cheers” party for herself and other moms. “The party helps me focus on the details of entertaining instead of being upset that Twins will be away at school,” she says. Endowed with a incredible flair for design and entertaining, Edith-Anne [proprietor of Designs by Duncan] chooses a theme and develops her party arrangements, food, flavors and presentation around it.

To include this clever idea in this year’s magazine, we are using last year’s photos and Lilly Pulitzer theme, co-hosted with Emily Beamer who had an entering kindergartener. “My daughter and I have grown up with Lilly Pulitzer,” Edith-Anne explains. “We used Lilly Pulitzer prints on linens, trays and plates; fresh pineapples, Lilly flowers in the chandelier and Lilly print paper lanterns. Emily and I are both wearing it as well.”

As the Duncan twins enter 7th grade and the Beamers have a new kindergartener and a first grader this year, it’s time to set up the “Tears and Cheers” party. Emily is again co-hosting this year’s “Classic Garden Luncheon” steeped with Southern hospitality. Design appointments include a garden, fresh linens, heirloom silver and julep cups, and moms will once again enjoy sharing — food, drink, stories and concerns, as well as those annual tears and cheers.

~ Written by Joanne Anderson
Photos courtesy of Edith-Anne Duncan

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