Aside from the first dance of the wedding couple and the bouquet and garter tosses, the cake is the main attraction of a reception. The traditional, tall wedding cake comes in all shapes and sizes and even wacky designs. There usually is not any secret behind the bride’s involvement in design and flavor choices, so what little gesture is there for her to do for the main man of the event?

The groom’s cake ~ a tradition full of humor and sweet sentiment from the bride to the groom. It can encompass any aspect of his personality, hobbies or special interests and is just a little way to really show him that the big day is about him just as much as it is about her.

So here is where a bride can get a little creative! What is it exactly that grabs her man’s attention? What are his true passions and interests? And finally, how exactly does she turn all of that into a delicious, cake treat?

One couple mastered this unique recipe for a sweet surprise on their big day this past summer. Alexa and Braxton Vinson are college sweethearts from Virginia Tech and found love blooming in Blacksburg throughout four years of undergraduate studies. Braxton led the Virginia Tech water polo team and dedicated much time to his passion for the sport. Alexa assumed the role of dedicated fan and cheered him on at every match she could attend along the way.

When it came down to wedding planning and cake choices, it was definitely Alexa’s time to indulge in her wedding dreams and bring her lucky groom along for the ride, especially when it came down to delicious cake flavors. Together they decided on a variety of tropical flavors for a layered wedding cake with pure white fondant blanketing the entire cake. Delicate orange accent designs included the couple’s own monogram at the top. But, much to the surprise of the groom, he had his own cake waiting right next to this main attraction.

“I wanted to do something special for Braxton in the form of a groom’s cake,” Alexa explains. “He didn’t get the flavor he wanted for the wedding cake because it did not go with our other choices, so I picked out his very own creamsicle flavored cake in the shape of a water polo ball.”

The groom’s cake is a treat to the eyes as well as the palate. Whether it is some edible sports creation or even a fish hooked to a line, these fun cakes are sure to entice any groom’s sweet tooth and let him step into the spotlight on his wedding day.

By Sophie Karatsikis
Photos courtesy of Ampersand Photography


Sophie Karatsikis is a senior at Virginia Tech and an intern and assistant editor at New River Valley Magazine.

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